ThermiDry by ThermiTight – Treatment in Philadelphia, PA

Located in Bala Cynwyd and serving Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Maple Shade, New Jersey, and the surrounding area, Sweat Experts provides ThermiDry treatment for residents who would like to stop sweating embarrassment, smell, and ruined clothes.

Looking forward to your next date night or weekend getaway? Don’t let sweat-worry ruin it.

Sweat Experts has all the latest treatment options, so you can rest assured that we will help you with the right solution for you.

Among the most recent solutions for embarrassing sweating is ThermiDry by ThermiTight.  It is an FDA approved device that delivers RF energy beneath the skin. When used off-label for sweating our patients have had incredible long-lasting results for much less than they would have spent repeating painful Botox injections.

How ThermiDry by ThermiTight Works

After local numbing, a small ThermiDry probe is inserted under the skin and moved to the sweat glands. The area is heated with RF energy to block the nerves which disables the sweat glands.

Thermal Image Guidance is used to guide the procedure and insure skin safety.

How Long Will It Take And How Many Treatments Are Needed?

The treatment is complete in about one hour and you will see results in as little as one treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The ThermiDry treatment has a strong safety record. Patients occasionally experience sensitivity in the treated area. If it does occur, it typically subsides within a few weeks.

Don’t I Need Underarm Sweat Glands?

After the ThermiDry treatment, your underarm sweat and odor glands will stop producing sweat. As you know, your body uses sweat for evaporative cooling.  However, your body contains 2-4 million sweat glands, and only about 2% are found in your underarms. So eliminating this 2% of sweat glands poses no danger, and does not affect your body’s ability to cool itself. You will be both confident and safe with your new sweat-free underarms.

Is ThermiDry For You?

Sweat Experts has all the latest sweat-stopping solutions.  We are not limited to a one-solution-for-everyone approach.  In our free consultation you will learn the pros and cons of each treatment method, and get all your questions answered.  So if ThermiDry isn’t the best solution for you we’ll let you know.  You’ll be glad you took the first step to end your sweating misery, stop loading up with toxic antiperspirants, and regain your confidence. There are no special requirements to qualify for ThermiDry treatment.

Get Your ThermiDry Treatment From Experts

Sweat Experts is a national training center for sweating treatments. Many other doctors learn these procedures with our experience and guidance. You can feel confident that you are receiving the best care from doctors who train other doctors. Call us today and schedule your consultation. Begin your sweat-free life today.

*Every patient is unique and individual results may vary.